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With more than 15 years of legal experience, I fight for my clients as if I'm my own client.

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Fighting to Protect You, Your Family and Your Business

Tanisha M. Davis, Attorney at Law, PLLC means business--literally.  From family law to business law to cannabis law, Attorney Davis might be a small boutique firm, but she packs a lot of muscle in every fight she takes on.  Her breadth of knowledge in a multitude of areas formulate her building blocks of success in each practice area.


Understanding the stress and uncertainty her clients experience navigating through legal issues, Attorney Davis compassionately makes customer service and open communication her number one priorities for every client.  

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Practice Areas

Father and Son

Family Law

Expertise in family law is a staple of Tanisha M. Davis, Attorney at Law PLLC.  The ability to navigate a complex legal system where it is easy for justice to get lost, is priceless.


The firm specializes in a number of different family law areas:  divorce, child custody, parenting time, child support, adoption, change of domicile, paternity and even termination of parental rights.  Whether you are a father being denied parenting time, or a spouse navigating a divorce with assets, having the right legal counsel can be the most powerful tool you have at your disposal. Advocating fearlessly, and maintaining the level of professionalism and preparedness needed during a difficult time, Tanisha M. Davis, Attorney at Law, PLLC, is  the legal voice you need.   With Experience practicing in all Michigan counties, we are your #1 family law advocates. 

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Business Law

Just like our families, our businesses should be handled with the same level of care, attention, and protection.  The Firm focus its attention on the legal needs of businesses from formation to the fine, yet minute, transactional components that form the building blocks for business success.  With an eye for contract law, Attorney Davis helps to build your business with all the legal tools and resources you will need to be successful, even if that includes litigation.

You may encompass this growing population of business owners, or certainly know someone who wears this hat.  Business law require an attorney with extensive knowledge and skill in business incorporation, contracts, negotiations, and a myriad of transactional components--all of which the Firm handles with absolute precision, efficiency and attention to detail.  Tanisha M. Davis, Attorney at Law, PLLC positions its companies for success from start to finish.  


Cannabis Law 

As one of the largest growing practice areas around the country, The coined phrase "Cannabis Law" is the specialized  practice of law involving cannabis businesses, cultivators, real estate, and most importantly, regulatory laws.  It is new and innovative, but it is also changing every day.  If this is your business area, you need attorneys who are abreast of the multi-layered changes to the law.


From the drafting of joint venture agreements, to educating clients in regulatory provisions involving the operation of their dispensary or micro business,  or license agreements for branded  flower products, we are your legal partners in cannabis.  

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Civil Litigation

The key to successful civil litigation is to take proper precautions from the start. Litigation may not be the ultimate goal, but Clients know that if trial is the final resolution playground, they will receive superb legal representation with fearless advocacy.

The Firm provides intense preparation,  Case Review, Evidence Evaluations, in-depth discovery, and excellent trial advocacy skills. 

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Meet The "Counzler"

Tanisha M. Davis is lead attorney with Tanisha M. Davis, Attorney at Law, PLLC, and one of the most respected attorneys in the State of Michigan. Attorney Davis earned her Juris Doctorate degree at University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, and her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Georgia State University.  

Tanisha started her solo law practice from the ground up, Tanisha M. Davis, Attorney at Law, PLLC, and also worked as managing partner of TMD Law Group, PLLC.  Although beginning her career specializing in criminal law, family law and business law, Tanisha’s expertise has morphed into a specialization in contracts, negotiations, compliance and cannabis law.  


Ethical, Efficient and Cost-Effective Service

With an emphasis on aggressively pursuing client goals and creative solutions to their legal matters, Tanisha M. Davis, Attorney at Law, PLLC consistently achieves positive results for its clients while providing superior legal service. The primary goal is to achieve the result desired by the client in the most ethical, efficient and cost-effective manner possible.  


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Client Testimonials

P. Morales | Detroit

“When I filed for divorce after 21 years of marriage, Ms. Davis was my light.  She was professional and would not back down.  I kept my house, my cars and both my kids.  She will be our attorney for life!"

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